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AlkaMate Alkalized Water Bottles

AlkaMate Powers Your Life

The AlkaMate Water Bottles quickly neutralizes the acid in the water you drink. Due to the minerals in the two filters in the cup, the nano energy activation heightens the alkaescency and ionizes the water.

AlkaMate Water Bottles

The AlkaMate Water Bottles is made of 304 food grade stainless steel and comes in various colours. Incorporated are 2 filters made from a semi-precious gem called "tourmanine". Tourmaline is a crystal containing electrical charges. The negative ions produced during the chemical reaction of these minerals with acidic H2O, helps in increasing the electrolytes needed by the major organs in our body to maintain normal levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other dietary minerals. Drink healthy Ionized Mineral Water today with AlkaMate Water Bottles and bring health with you where ever you go!

AlkaMate Comes in 5 Colours to Choose From:

AlkaMate Comes in 5 Colours

Benefits of the AlkaMate Water Bottles:


  1. The Alkalescency of the water helps dissolve acids, eliminates toxins and boots immunity
  2. Negatively charged or ionic water acts as an antioxidant that fights free radicals
  3. Helps to absorb water into your bloodstream
  4. Essential elements and trace minerals for your body
  5. Increases oxygen level of the water and the Hydration of Cells
  6. Helps to prevent acid build up in the body and fights fatigue
  7. Anti-Aging agents and boost to the immune system

*(individual results may vary, we can not make claims on individual results by law.)

Help out the Environment with AlkaMate Water Bottles...

Everyone is trying to live green these days and most people know that there are way to many water bottles in manufacturing today for the planet to keep up to the waste produced. Bring your water with you and enjoy the benefits of a healthier way to consume water for life. AlkaMate Water Bottles for a more energized healthier you! We also are now proud to announce that we are an Arbonne skin care sales associate!

AlkaMate Mineral Water Bottles

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