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Chinese Fire Cupping

About Chinese Fire Cupping

Chinese Fire Cupping was created thousands of years ago in China. Modern Scientific medicine has taken a stronghold on medical practices used today. As a result, ancient healing arts have been discarded as antiquated.

Physicians today use drugs to treat common physical conditions, ie.muscle and joint pain but drugs only mask, and do not solve the problem. Patients are now searching for an alternative option that is safe,drug free and without side effects.

Ancient healing arts are important because stress and strain on our bodies is greater than ever before. Stress is the major contributing factor in 80% of all deaths. The human body is the same as it was thousands of years ago but the stressors have significantly increased. The effects of stress can be both physical and psychological. Fire Cupping is an alternative option for reducing the muscular stress and strain placed on the physical body. Cupping is a simple technique that uses powerful, scientific principles to manipulate the internal environment of the body.

How Fire Cupping Works

The fire cups simply slide along the body. What the client feels is the suction being applied to the surface of the skin beneath the cup. Ah-Shi points represent areas of stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine where blood and energy are not flowing properly. Tight muscles squeeze blood from their tissue and hardened knots may impinge on nerves causing muscles to be painful.

Cupping sites along meridians are directly connected to internal organs. Cupping these sites stimulates the organ via the nervous system and helps return balance to the organs.

Chronic muscle spasm results in restricted blood flow through tissue. What little blood remaining in the tissues is old and stagnant. Cupping causes massive amounts of blood to flow beneath the cupping site drawn by suction, saturating and nourishing the muscle, lubricating fibres and healing tissues. It is an amazingly simple, yet effective treatment session.

Cupping uses negative pressure rather than pressure on the tissue. The suction of the cups softens rigid tissue and releases by stretching it up thus loosening areas of restriction. It also stimulates the nervous system for an increased rate of recovery from pain and disease.

Cupping will activate secretion of synovial fluids which release joint stiffness in ways not possible with traditional massage. Cupping also creates localized expansion of tissue , drawing blood to areas of pain, flushing capillary beds, draining stagnant blood, toxins and lymph and re-supplying vital nutrients. Stationary cupping may leave red disc shaped marks on the skin. These marks are not bruises but are caused by the influx of blood into that area. Cupping may be incorporated into any treatment session or used as a stand alone treatment.

Benefits of Fire Cupping:

  • promotes hormone production
  • encourages blood flow
  • secretion of digestive fluids
  • treats cellulite
  • releases muscular tension and knots
  • relaxes the body
  • breaks up and expels mucus from lungs, effective for colds and bronchitis.
  • pulls blood and lymph into the skin
  • relieves inflammation
  • loosens muscular knots
  • increased peristaltic movements in the bowels and internal organs thus removing harmful toxins that speed up the aging process and other degenerative conditions.

Possible Reactions after a Cupping Session include::

  • tiredness and/or sleepiness
  • feeling energized
  • increases bowel elimination
  • great night’s sleep
  • lessening of stress and anxiety
  • pain relief

How Often

For maximum benefit, cupping may be incorporated into your treatment sessions twice a week as a preventative from pain etc.

Restoring balance in your body with cupping, rids stagnation that leads to discomfort, inflammation ,swelling and pain. By clearing energy blockages in the muscles and nerve channels, cupping brings about relaxation of the body and mind and reduces tension.

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