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Ear Candling in Leamington

Ear Candling by Tranquil Effects

The Ancient Ear Candling Process

Using Ear Cone Candles

Ear Candling, also known as Ear Coning, is a soothing, non-invasive and painless old home remedy. Ear Candling (coning) embraces Eastern Medicine philosophy of whole-body wellness through the accessing the body’s innate energy pulse centers. Today Ear Candling (coning) can be compared to other fire and smoke techniques we know as Chinese acupuncture with moxibustion and smudging.

Ear Candling (coning) is known to heighten relaxation, alleviate stress and bring about harmony in health and attitude while detoxing and cleansing. Ear Candling provides results!

Ear Candling Benefits:

Clients report that it has helped or alleviated the Following…

  • Stress, anxiety and panic feelings
  • Sinus, head and ear congestion
  • Allergies, Snoring, Jet Lag
  • Migraine, pressure & Worry Headache
  • Foggy Head – Ringing & Ear Noise
  • Balance and Vertigo
  • Swimmer’s Ear

*(individual results may vary, we can not make claims on individual results by law.)

Ear Candling Can Relieve Symptoms From …

You may benefit from an Ear Candling if you participate in any of the following activities…

  • Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling
  • Wear a Hearing Aid
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Race autos, boats or motorcycles
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Wear Headphones or Ear Phones
  • Work in a Dirty or Noisy Environment
  • Frequently Listen to Loud Music
  • Excessive Air Travel

This Treatment Can Also Be Great For Helping with …

Need to chill-out and relax
Suffer with ear / throat infections
Suffer with sinus / colds / flu / allergies
Experience tinnitus or vertigo
Experience head aches or heaviness

Ear Candling for Children or Pets!!

Children love Ear Candling (coning) and respond quickly to its soothing and gentle nature. Pets too can enjoy Ear Candling both Cats and Dogs enjoy Ear Candling , our pets suffer from similar ailments as humans.

Our Ear Candling – Ear Cone Candles:

With my clients in mind, I am proud to have sourced the most ECO-friendly Ear Cone Candles on the market, and most importantly, they are made by someone who cares!

You can be sure I will be using the best Ear Cone Candles that Feature:

100% Lovingly Hand Made
100% Pure Organic Essential Oils
100% Never-Bleached Cotton
100% Pure Ontario Beeswax
100% Tight Spiraling ‘Edge’

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