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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Service Leamington

The Lymphatic System is a system of pathways throughout the body. It is made up of a fluid like substance called “ lymph”. The lymph system is a slow moving system that is very important. Lymph is a fluid that originates in the connective tissue spaces of the body. Our cells are immersed and receive their nutritive substances and reject damaging by-products.

The lymphatic system transports large proteins, foreign bodies, pathogenic substances such as germs, toxins, etc in its pathway through lymphatic nodes which act as an active purification center. The nodes break down and destroy those particles so they can eventually be eliminated and flushed out of the body through the digestive tract.

The main actions of manual lymphatic drainage therapy is that it activates lymph function and circulation. It indirectly stimulates the circulation of the body and reduces edemas and stimulates the immune system. It enhances the nervous system and causes relaxation, antispastic effects and reduces pain. Overall , lymph drainage causes improved fluid movement to and from the tissues.

Who Can Benefit from Lymphatic Drainage?

Anyone can benefit from a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. It is good for us to rid our body of unwanted and damaging toxins that can compromise our immune system and lead to all kinds of unwanted illnesses. When people have infections or inflammation or auto-immune diseases it is a good treatment to aid in moving out excess swelling causing pain and general discomfort. Lymph Drainage can stimulate the immune system, drain toxins, reduce pain and muscle spasms and stimulate the parasympathetic system. In turn this can be very therapeutic in dealing with stress, depression and sleeping disorders.

What are some Reason to Have Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

  • Edemas
  • Lymphedemas
  • Dentistry, orthodontics
  • Dermatology including acne
  • Esthetic ( wrinkles )
  • Gastroenterology ( hemorrhoids,diverticulitis, irritable bowel symdrome)
  • Metabolic ( stress, fatigue, mono, Epstein Barr, snoring, chronic pain )Gynecology (menstruation, pms, edematous legs, infertility)
  • Infectious Disease ( chronic tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis)
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology ( macular degeneration, cataract, visual acuity)
  • Rheumatology
  • SportsSurgery (pre and post surgery – prepares tissue for intervention.)
  • Urology (bladder and kidneys

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